“No other tool has made as significant an impact on our collaborative process as TeamMark. TeamMark has helped our teachers sustain focus on student work and academic progress during collaboration."

Dr. Susan Williamson, National Distinguished Principal

"Our first time using TeamMark made our half day collaboration a remarkable event. Agenda topics had been created prior to our collaboration and because TeamMark was projected, we were able to see what we were working on, what we had completed, and what we still needed to talk about. Because of TeamMark, the groundwork was ready and visible by all and we were able to use everyone's time productively. TeamMark is an amazing program and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to use it. It helps us stay focused and allows us to be supportive of everyone on the team."

Charlotte, 6th Grade Teacher and Team Leader

"Without a doubt TeamMark has greatly enhanced our collaborative efforts at our school providing a much needed tool for us to keep track of our work."

Dr. Mark Diaz, Cedars International Academy

"TeamMark is not just a collaboration toolkit, but a tool that has helped us document and monitor our school improvement efforts."

Mrs. B., Elementary Principal

In schools and districts where TeamMark is being used, teachers and administrators are finding:

  • Greater focus during collaboration

  • Teams have a clearer understanding of their purpose during collaboration

  • Monitoring PLC collaboration agendas, focus, initiatives and more is easily achieved at the team, school, and district level in ways not possible with any other tools.

  • Collaborative practices are more consistent throughout the school/district

  • Teams are more productive

  • Less birdwalking

  • Greater accountability and follow-through for tasks and actions

  • Collaboration notes are easily saved, accessed, and reviewed online

  • SMART goals take on a life beyond just being written at the beginning of the year

  • Automatic emails of agenda items help team members prepare for collaboration ahead of time

  • Keeping data in one place and attached to collaboration notes helps teams connect dialogue and data

  • Saves time and paper