Fueled by collaborative teamwork,

empowered by intelligent tools . . .

TeamMark provides a clear path and intelligent tools that let you and your teams relax into your collaborative journey like never before!

Integrating over 20 essential tools for effective, efficient collaboration into one toolkit, TeamMark takes care of your collaboration logistics - some you didn't even know you would love - allowing collaborative learning teams to work smarter, not harder . . . at times with a dose of awe and wonderment.

Document your journey, don't just take notes.

TeamMark's online Collaboration Log (protocol) is the hub of dynamic collaboration.

The Log acts as the team's "personal assistant and collaboration specialist" managing powerful details of collaboration, allowing the team to focus on the discourse that matters.

Elevate collaborative focus and intention

All 20+ interactive tools including:

  • agendas/note taking,

  • action plans,

  • student alerts,

  • SMART goals,

  • formative assessment data management,

  • data-linked instructional planning,

  • and more . . .

all accessible from - and integrated into - the Log during collaboration, making discussion seamless and time well spent.

Harness synergy

During collaboration, the Log is projected enabling all team members to view collaborative notes as they are being recorded engaging all team members at all times in the collaborative process.

With TeamMark working its magic behind the scenes, team members are sent a variety of reminders and notices as the toolkit is used. No single person is in charge, instead, the team is united through the hub of TeamMark's tools.

Propel Efficiency

Upon completion, TeamMark emails the collaboration log report to all members including the school administration. All incomplete Agenda Items are held open for the next Collaboration Date and Action Plan reminders are sent.

Teams leave their collaborative session clear about next steps and future plans, knowing they can review all discussion notes by simply opening an email or diving into detail within the toolkit.

Engage Administration

We know you can't be everywhere at once and your teams want to know you care for and support them.

Administrators automatically receive teams' collaboration reports in their inbox. No searching needed! They easily engage with teams and elevate accountability by simply replying to these collaboration report emails.

Logging into TeamMark, the admin can dive deeper into a review of teams' agenda topics and notes, action plans, SMART goals, various data, and much more. Need reports for compliance or accountability? TeamMark's gotcha' covered!

With TeamMark, your collaborative learning community strengthens as teams focus on what matters most while leaving a clear footprint - their team's mark - that shows where they have been, are, and will be headed!

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