Our journey has allowed us to grow our passion -

supporting success of all!

What's important to us? -

The success of all members of your school and district.

Collaborating with you towards that success.

Providing you with top-notch intelligent tools that support healthy collaboration.

Where we came from:

TeamMark Collaborations Solutions was founded in 2008, fueled by a passion for collaboration that inspired big dreams.

Teaching together, the TeamMark founding team experienced the power of healthy collaboration and watched the effects on the learning and confidence of students and the empowerment of teams.

We have never forgotten the power of healthy collaboration to change students' and teachers' lives. We never will.

Since 2008 TeamMark's commitment to collaboration has remained focused on a single objective - delivering a solution, the TeamMark toolkit, that simplifies the details of collaboration by integrating over 20+ tools into a single Collaboration Log.

TeamMark continues to push our paradigm of collaboration "note taking" from a mundane task to an event that focuses, unites, and engages teams like never before. We hope you find joy in working with your peers like we have with each other and our partners!

"We have always embraced continuous improvement and the power of collaborative learning communities to transform education. We have also always believed that technology should be leveraged to optimize the process and elevate the experience for teachers and administrators."

TeamMark Co-founders, Nina & Brian.

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